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Zionist Regime to Fall Apart, Islamic Revolution to Remain Intact: IRGC Chief

Lauding the Islamic Republic’s fearless confrontation with the enemies on a “world war” scale, the IRGC commander said he has every confidence that the Zionist regime will collapse while the Islamic Revolution will remain unscathed.

In an address to a gathering of Basij forces in Iran’s southeastern city of Zahedan on Sunday, Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Major General Hossein Salami said Iran is faced with a colossal world war, as the front of enemies and heresy with all their mercenaries have waged a war against the Islamic Revolution and the country’s security and national unity.

“You may rest assured that the Zionist regime will fall apart, but this Revolution won’t be harmed. The delusions of the enemy will get nowhere,” he added.

Decrying the US, the UK, ‘Israel’, Germany, France and Saudi Arabia for employing their division-fomenting media to provoke tensions in Iran, the commander said the Iranian nation is vigilant and shatters the hostile plots.

The enemy, namely the US, the UK, ‘Israel’ and Al Saud, are acting against the Islamic Republic with maximum power, Major General Salami added, stressing that this “major sedition and world war” will turn into a graveyard for the American and Israeli enemies and their allies.

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