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Zionist Military Intensifies Aggression on Gaza for 206th Day, Leaving Dozens Dead

The aggression against Gaza continues as the occupation army targets the city of Rafah and Khan Yunis, with plans for a ground invasion despite international warnings. At least 22 people were martyred and dozens injured in Israeli raids on Sunday night.

Rafah tonight pic.twitter.com/Gf6114gahP

— TIMES OF GAZA (@Timesofgaza) April 28, 2024


Israeli airstrikes and artillery bombardments on homes and populated areas have left many dead, including children, women, and the elderly.

The Gaza Civil Defense is working to recover the martyrs and wounded, with reports of several attacks on inhabited homes.


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Civil Defense teams pull out several victims from under the rubble of the Al Khatib family in Rafah, which was bombed by Israeli warplanes last night. pic.twitter.com/DGgVWyxMsh

— Quds News Network (@QudsNen) April 29, 2024


At least 22 people were martyred and dozens were injured in Israeli raids that targeted, on the night of Sunday – Monday, areas in the city of Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip, which has been subjected to an ongoing war for about 7 months, while the death toll in the Strip rose to 34,454 martyrs, since October 7.


The daily scene in Gaza that has been going on for seven months: bereaved families bidding farewell to their loved ones.

This was the scene this morning at a hospital mortuary in Rafah, southern Gaza. pic.twitter.com/QCvZi6mAMz

— Quds News Network (@QudsNen) April 29, 2024


The Israeli Air Force intensified its raids on various areas in the Gaza Strip, while Israeli artillery renewed its bombing of homes, residential squares, and populated areas, leaving martyrs and wounded, most of them children, women, and the elderly.


Journalist Hazem Suleiman bids a sorrowful farewell for his friend, Ahmed Abu Taha, killed in an Israeli airstrike last night in Rafah. pic.twitter.com/jjJQ7yNU5Q

— Quds News Network (@QudsNen) April 29, 2024


Media sources reported that occupation aircraft bombed several inhabited homes during the past two hours in the Gaza Strip.

For its part, the Gaza Civil Defense reported that its crews in the city of Rafah dealt with several attacks on populated homes, resulting in a number of martyrs, wounded, and others missing under the rubble.


World attention to the ongoing humanitarian tragedy in Gaza has declined compared to the earlier weeks of the Israeli onslaught, but the bloodbath is carrying on, undeterred.

Here’s the scene today at a hospital yard in Rafah, where dozens of grieving families came in the… pic.twitter.com/NUnfRfshYV

— Quds News Network (@QudsNen) April 29, 2024


During the past 24 hours, the Israeli army committed 7 massacres against families in the Gaza Strip, including 66 deaths and 138 injuries, according to what the Ministry of Health in Gaza reported.


Luckily, this innocent baby girl survived an Israeli airstrike which targeted a house in Rafah last night. She still suffered minor bruises. pic.twitter.com/IgZURrBzfQ

— Quds News Network (@QudsNen) April 29, 2024


Dozens were martyred and hundreds injured during the past 24 hours, as a result of the raids launched by the Israeli army on the central Gaza Strip and the city of Rafah, while the threats of a ground operation still threaten the city.


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