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Riots continue in Paris for third night



Riot police in France have clashed with protesters in the capital, Paris, during a third consecutive night of rallies against police brutality in the European country.

Tensions erupted late on Wednesday for a third night in a row as hundreds of people continued protesting against police brutality. Riot police were forced to fire tear gas to disperse the angry crowds, who were hurling barricades at them.

The protesters, mostly from the local Asian community, were outraged by the police killing of a Chinese man, Shaoyo Liu, on March 23, demanding justice for him.

Authorities have claimed that the 56-year old had attacked the officers with a pair of scissors; however, the victim’s family says he posed no threat.

France’s Foreign Ministry has confirmed that an inquiry is underway to shed light on the circumstances of the killing.

A man runs away from tear gas launched by riot police in front of the police headquarters in the 19th district of Paris, March 28, 2017. (Photo by AFP)


Last month, Paris also witnessed a wave of protests against police brutality, which were instigated by news that officers had abused a young black man in a Paris suburb.

The 22-year-old victim, identified only as Theo, sustained severe injuries and had to undergo an emergency surgery. Each of the four officers involved in the incident has been charged with aggravated assault, and one was charged with rape.

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