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Zionist israeli Army Raises State of Alert to Unprecedent Level Since 1973’s October War

Following Hamas’ Operation Al-Aqsa Flood this morning, the Zionist army decided to raise its state of alert and activate Measure No. 8 regarding war.

According to the Hebrew newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth, “the state of alert has been raised in the Air Force and the Southern Command, with militants infiltrating the Gaza Strip.”

Yoav Galant, the Israeli Minister of Defense, announced the activation of Measure No. 8, which calls for reserve conscription and declares that the Zionist entity has entered into a war.

This is the first time the Zionist entity has declared such an act since the October War in 1973, when Egyptian and Syrian forces crossed the Bar Lev line barrier, penetrated Quneitra, and took over the Mount Hermon Observatory.

For his part, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave his first public statement on the massive attack by the Hamas resistance group, saying the country is at war.

“Citizens of Israel, we are at war,” he said.

“The enemy will pay a price like they have never known before,” he said, some five hours since the start of the wide-scale operation.

Source: Israeli media

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