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Breaking reports: Large number of rebels in south Damascus to evacuate to Daraa – details



Reports, not yet fully confirmed, have emerged stating that huge numbers of fighters from a key Free Syrian Army affiliate group based in the southern districts of Damascus are to be evacuated to rebel-held areas of Daraa province.

Sources say that the militia, Jaysh al-Ababil, reached an agreement with Russian military authorities that will see it evacuate 1,500 fighters and an unspecified amount of family members from the Tadamon district in southern Damascus.

The insurgents are to be transferred to the small city of Jasim in Daraa province where they will be received by friendly militant groups who are also linked to the Free Syrian Army.

Finally, the reports clarify that, as per usual, the evacuating militants will only be allowed to carry their personal weapons with them, all heavy weapons (i.e. tanks and artillery) is to be handed over to the Syrian Army.

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