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Zero hour approaches for pro-Syria forces storming of Sukhnah



According to to Syrian Arab Army (SAA) commander Major General Mohammad Khaddour, zero hour is approaching for the final storming of al-Sukhnah town in eastern Homs.

Despite achieving virtual fire control over al-Sukhnah several days ago, the SAA and its allies have been met with ferocious ISIS resistance which has served to delay the town’s initially assumed liberation period.

In any case, according to the major general, all the necessary preparations for al-Sukhnah’s liberation are now completed. Heavy weapons including field guns, mortars and machines guns of different calibers have been moved into place and ranged, the key hilltops overlooking the planned approach routes to the town have been secured, storming troops and their pickups have been assembled at their launching points and all of the necessary pre-assault reconnaissance duties have been carried out.

In his statement, Mohammad Khaddour said that he welcomed all those who wished to partake in the final assault to enter al-Sukhnah. Moreover, he placed great emphasis on the role the ‘Euphrates Hawks’ pro-government tribal fighter group will specifically be playing in this operation.

“We have promised ourselves to progress in this operation until we reach our beloved Deir Ezzor,” the major general said.

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