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Video shows Turkey’s endless military aids to terrorists in Syria

Video shows al-Qaeda walking from Turkish soil to Syrian territory

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Terrorist’s confession about the role of the CIA and the Turkish intelligence in arming the terrorists in Syria


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Turkish Government played very important role in Syria’s Kessab War

The Kessab operation by 5000 terrorists armed by Turkish Government and 7 tanks driven by Turkish officiers
According to the Syrian sources the Turkish Government supplied terrorists in Kessab with weapons. the sources indicated that the Turkish Armed forces and Turkish Intelligence sent tanks to the northern Lattakia.

Takfiri terrorists used Turkish soil and entered Kessab on March 22 with the help of Turkish tanks.

Syrian sources stated that the operation was planned by Turkish Intelligence and Turkish Armed Forces. The operation named as “Anfal” and the weapons of terroirsts were supplied by Turkish Government.

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1000 terrorists trained in Jordan entered Turkey en route to Syria’s Lattakia

It is stated that about 1000 terrorists who were trained in Jordan entered Turkish Soil en route to Syria.

It is stated that the terrorists came to Turkey’s Hatay via the airline and were sent to Lattakia through Turkey’s Yayladagı region and the terroirsts were accommodated in Turkey’s Yayladağı.

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Turkish rocket launcher under Alqaeda flag bombards Syrian positions and surrounding villages of Kassab


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