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VIDEO: Hezbollah Shoots Down IOF Hermes Drone Anew

In support of the Palestinian people and resistance in Gaza and in light of the Israeli aggression on the various South Lebanon villages, the Islamic Resistance announced it had downed an Israeli Hermes 900 UAV.

“In support of our steadfast Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip and in reinforcement of their courageous and honorable resistance, the Islamic Resistance’s fighters shot down at 8:50 PM on Saturday, April 06, 2024, an Israeli drone of Hermes 900 within Lebanese airspace,” the statement read.

This precise operation marks the second of its kind, as Hezbollah had downed a medium-size Israeli Hermes 450 UAV, which was violating Lebanese airspace over the Iqlim Al-Tuffah area, near Nabatieh in south Lebanon.

Hezbollah Military Media released footage of the operation targeting a UAV intercepting Lebanese airspace:

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