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Veep: US cannot stop Iran oil exports


First Vice President Es’haq Jahangiri said on Tuesday that the US cannot stop Iran’s oil exports, as ‘We have adopted necessary plans for the worst scenarios.’

Addressing a meeting of Isfahan province administrative council, he added that Iran’s Petroleum Ministry is a major player in the oil market.

“We have even announced that we will sell oil in stock exchange, as oil sales in stock exchanges is the most transparent way of dealing because it takes place in state,” he said.

The people should not worry about this because claim about bringing Iran’s oil sales down to zero is strange, Jahangiri said.

Noting that the US is trying to sow discord in the country through pressures, he added that the US has hatched a serious plot against Iran and has taken aim at Iranian oil market, banking system and foreign trade.

Describing current situation as risky, Jahangiri said, “We need political, intellectual and national solidarity to walk away from the situation.”

“We should set aside differences in a bid to emerge victorious from the situation,” he said, noting all should come to the help of the government.

Noting that the US in it vain delusion can prevent Iran’s monetary transactions, Jahangiri said that except the US, Saudi Arabia and Israel, other countries want to have cooperation with Iran.

Iran has announced that it will remain committed to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action as long as its benefits are ensured, he said.

Jahangiri arrived in Isfahan on Tuesday to inaugurate several developmental projects in the province.

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