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US violating human rights not entitled to judge about countries: Iran


Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi said on Monday that US and other violators of the most fundamental human rights are not in a position to make lopsided judgments about the other countries.

Condemning anti-Iran statement of the foreign ministers participating in the conference themed ‘Religious Freedom in the US’, he said that the move is interference in the country’s internal affairs and based on incorrect data, unrealistic and lopsided.

Noting that these several countries call themselves unjustly as the representative of the international community, he said that the US and other violators of the most basic human rights do not deserve to make unilateral judgments about the countries and cultures.

Recalling the progressive Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran and recent enactment by the Expediency Council on rights of the religious minorities, Qasemi said that the history of Iran has witnessed peaceful coexistence of different religions, as followers of all divine religions enjoy all civil rights and actively participate in Mjalis and other elected institutes’ polls.

Denouncing Mike Pence’s imaginative, self-fabricated comments on religious beliefs during the conference, he said that the Iranian people have lived peacefully in the course of the history and followers of divine religions perform their rituals in various religious centers across the country.

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