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US reportedly revived ISIL in Syria’s al-Tanf region: source

Lebanon-based media Al-Akhbar reported that the Russian sources have stressed that the US is backing ISIL terrorists in Syria and that’s why the ISIL forces were recently been able to carry out terrorist acts in the Arab country.

During the past two days, ISIL forces carried out two attacks on the positions of the Syrian Army and its allied forces in Raqqa and Deir ez-Zor. The attacks indicate that the terrorist group is resuming its military activity in the Syrian Desert.

Local sources say that the confrontations between Russia and the United States intensified recently and were mostly concentrated in the al-Tanf region and its suburbs.

Russia has emphasized that the United States has provided new support to the ISIL elements in the area and encouraged them to launch new attacks on the Syrian Army.

The significant increase in ISIL attacks on the positions of the Syrian Army and the absence of terrorists in the US-occupied areas is proof of the information, the source said.

Recently,  Syria’s deputy permanent representative to the UN said that the US forces have supplied Takfiri terrorists in the strategic al-Tanf area in southern Syria with chemical weapons and trained them how to use them to incriminate Damascus.

Syrian Arab Republic’s foreign ministry also said that the US forces are responsible for the military escalation in eastern Syria, where terrorist groups such as the ISIL intensified their activities recently.


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