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US Occupation convoy targeted in north of Baghdad

An Iraqi security source said Thursday that a US logistics convoy was attacked by an explosion in the north of Baghdad.

Local Iraqi media, including Shafaq News, cited a security source as reporting that several trucks carrying logistics and military equipment belonging to the US-led coalition were targeted by a roadside bomb explosion in northern Baghdad on Thursday morning.

According to the report, the explosion occurred on the road between “Al-Taji” district and Baghdad. Thee explosion did not cause any casualties and no news has been released about the extent of the damage to the logistics.

In the past few months, attacks on US-led coalition forces and their equipment have increased. On December 9, the Iraqi government announced the end of the coalition forces’ combat missions in that country.

The Iraqi parliament approved a piece of legislation after the assassination of anti-terror commander calling for the expulsion of foreign forces from Iraqi soil, while the legislation has yet to be materialized.

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