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Hezbollah won’t backtrack on support for Gaza, will continue anti-Israel battles: Nasrallah

The Hezbollah secretary general has reiterated that the Lebanese resistance movement will not abandon its decision about retaliatory operations in support of Palestinians amid the Israeli onslaught against Gaza, saying that the retaliatory strikes will continue until the desired objectives are attained.

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah made the remarks at Sayyed al-Shuhada Complex in Beirut’s southern Dahiyeh neighborhood on Tuesday evening as he addressed mourners on the third night of the Islamic lunar calendar month of Muharram, which marks the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hussein (AS), the third Shia Imam and the grandson of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

“Hezbollah will press ahead with the operations it has been conducting [against Israeli positions] since October 8 until the desirable goals on all supporting fronts are achieved,” Nasrallah said.

The Hezbollah chief underlined that his group will never change its pro-Palestinian positions, and will never renounce its ongoing battle against the Zionist regime.

He further noted that Hezbollah will never abdicate its pro-Palestinian responsibilities in the face of threats of war on Lebanon.

Hezbollah’s damage to Israel cannot be repaired 'for decades': Lebanese MP

Hezbollah’s damage to Israel cannot be repaired ‘for decades’: Lebanese MP

A senior Lebanese lawmaker says Hezbollah’s damage to Israel as a result of its pro-Palestinian retaliatory operations cannot be repaired for the next few decades.

Nasrallah then highlighted that Muslims have a duty to speak out against injustice, and resist oppression.

He drew attention to the wicked nature of the Israeli military, stating that humanitarian aid supplies have not entered the Gaza Strip for weeks, which has led to a grave medical and humanitarian situation.

The Hezbollah secretary general pointed to the support fronts in Lebanon, Yemen, and Iraq, alongside political support on the part of Syria and Iran, criticizing the inaction of other Arab and Muslim states regarding the Palestinian issue as “deplorable.”

“Is it reasonable for this situation to persist?” Every Muslim needs to be questioned about their support for Gaza. Is it acceptable that Arab and Muslim nations are falling short on [committing to] Gaza support?” Nasrallah questioned.

“Where are the funds of Muslims being spent on while two million Muslims in Gaza are dying of hunger? For whom are battle tanks, warplanes, and other military gear being amassed?” Nasrallah also asked Arab and Muslim leaders.

Hezbollah and Israel have been exchanging deadly fire since early October last year, shortly after the regime launched a genocidal aggression against the Gaza Strip following a surprise operation by the Palestinian Hamas resistance group.

The Lebanese resistance movement has vowed to keep up its retaliatory attacks as long as the Tel Aviv regime continues its Gaza war, which has so far killed at least 38,243 Palestinians, mostly women and children, and injured 88,033 other individuals.

Hezbollah officials have repeatedly said they do not want a war with Israel, while stressing that they are prepared in case it occurs.

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