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US, Israel cannot materialize their military threats against Iran

Political deputy of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Crops (IRGC) Brigadier General Yadollah Jawani says the United States and Israel are waging a campaign of psychological warfare against Iran as they cannot militarily attack Iran.

“Western countries, particularly Americans and Zionists, have been trying for years to use threats against the Islamic Republic of Iran as a means to impose their will on the Iranian people, but they basically are not able to carry out their threats against the Iranian people, and the main reason for their inability is the might of nation and armed forces to respond to any possible aggression,” Bregadier General Yadullaj Jawani said on Wednesday, two days after the Leader of the Islamic Republic ordered the Iranian officials to be ready for resuming higher uranium enrichment if the nuclear deal falls apart.

“Today, all the military experts in the world agree that any American or Zionist military action against Iran will face Iran’s swift and decisive response, and the main losers will be the aggressors,” Jawani said.

He stressed that Americans and Zionists have now realized this fact, so they are trying to use the media, propaganda and psychological operations to target Iran’s high level of security.

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