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Ayatollah Hakim: True Islam practiced by household of Muhammad Prophet


Top religious cleric Ayatollah Seyyed Muhammad Saeid Hakim received a delegation from holy city of Qom consisting of religious clerics, students and instructors at holy Qom seminary, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

The religious cleric severed any tie between the divine religion of Islam and measures perpetrated by Takfiri groups stressing, “True Islam was the one practiced by Ahl-ul-Bayt (PBUT) which had nothing to do with extremism and animosity.”

Ayatollah Seyyed Muhammad Saeid Hakim highlighted the obligations upon religious clerics stressing, “It is incumbent upon seminary scholars and thinkers to serve the purpose of religion; strongly abiding by the path of truth and piety.”

“There’s a great responsibility upon your shoulders; every seminary student must realize that the respect and dignity they gain in society is due to their efforts towards safeguarding religion and serving its cause,” Ayatollah Hakim added.

Ayatollah Hakim wrapped up his speech by extending sincere for religious elites’ and clerics’ success praying God Almighty to pave the way for fulfilling the religious set objectives in the World of Islam.

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