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Up to 20 Terrorists Killed in Syrian Army Ambush in Eastern Ghouta

SSyrian-ArmySyrian army ambushed and killed up to 20 terrorists in Damascus countryside, official news agency reported on Friday.Syrian army soldiers (archive)
“An army unit on Friday killed up to 20 terrorists and injured others in an ambush,” according to SANA.
The agency said that the terrorists were “attempting to sneak via a byroad between Eastern Ghouta and al-Qalamoun in Damascus countryside.”
Meanwhile in Yabroud, the Syrian army eliminated an armed group affiliated to the so-called ”Ansar al-Khalifa Brigade”, SANA added, noting that among the killed militants were the group’s leader, Nasser Nasser, Abu Baker al-Sabouni and Abu Ali al-Halabi.
In Aleppo, the army killed and wounded scores of insurgents as they were attempting to sneak to the old neighborhoods of the city, SANA quoted a military source as saying.

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