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Turkey, Israel, US, West, KSA, Jordan, Qatar-backed, armed, financed ISIL executes seven men in northern Syria

Turkey, Israel, US, West, KSA, Jordan, Qatar-backed, armed, financed ISIL Takfiri terrorists have reportedly executed seven civilians in northern Syria as they continue perpetrating crimes against humanity in areas under their control.

The Britain-based so-called Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said on Sunday that the ISIL members have decapitated three men in an area close to al-Tabqa air base, located in the northern province of Raqqa and some 400 kilometers (250 miles) northeast of the capital, Damascus, after accusing them of collaborating with Syrian forces.

The terrorists killed another man in the western side of the city of Raqqa on charges of sorcery.

Moreover, three men were shot dead and then crucified by the ISIL militants in the conflict-ridden northern province of Aleppo.

On February 4, the so-called observatory reported that ISIL has put 50 people to death in Syria since the beginning of the year over allegations of spying, being enemy combatants and other reasons. The executed were mostly killed by beheading or shooting.

ISIL recently released a video online showing the Takfiri terrorists burning to death Jordanian pilot Moaz al-Kassasbeh, who was taken hostage in December.

The pilot was seen dressed in an orange jumpsuit and surrounded by flames of fire inside a metal cage.

Kassasbeh was captured by ISIL on December 24, 2014, after his F-16 jet crashed while flying over northern Syria on a mission against the terrorists.

Last month, the militant group also released video footage purportedly showing the execution of Japanese prisoner Kenji Goto.

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