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Map-Syrian Army advance against US-backed terrorists in Deir Ezzor



Syrian state media (SANA) reported that the Syrian Army and allied paramilitary groups seized four towns and villages from US-backed forces in Deir Ezzor province.

The advance, made along the eastern shore of the Euphrates, has seen the river settlements of Junaynah, Jayah, Shamrt Hossan and Huwayjat Ma’ishyah come under government control.

Unconfirmed information exists claiming that all four settlements witnessed a popular uprising against US-backed terrorists after which the Syrian Army moved in per the request of locals.

There are reports that the Syrian Army has also taken a fifth village called Shaqrah (this is shown in the map above).

Furthermore, some sources claim that US aircraft (apparently Apache gunships) have carried out strikes against government troops in response to the assault.

Overall, information on the development is still sketchy and Al-Masdar News will continue to provide updates as the situation unfolds.

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