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Top Iranian Commander: US, Israel Main Losers of Syria’s Successful Election

755b99bd1f7cce9829d8177e7a582881_L1Commander of Iran’s Basij (volunteer) Force Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Naqdi felicitated the Syrian government and nation on the successful holding of the presidential election in that country, saying that the voting inflicted a huge loss on Washington and Tel Aviv.
“The US and Israel were the main losers of the presidential election in Syria,” General Naqdi said, addressing a group of people in the Southeastern city of Chabahar on Tuesday.
According to FNA, he underlined that the terrorists are fearful of the Syrian people’s improved situation as they see that Syrians now volunteer for fight against them.
He reiterated that following the announcement of election results in Syria, the Zionists are feeling growing danger, as they see the massive public support for Bashar Al-Assad’s government.
“They (the US and Israel) had come to destroy Syria, but they have failed now,” stressed the General.
The Iranian Basij Force commander said the Americans experienced defeat and failure once again, and they should come to realize that they have no place among the regional nations.
The US and Israel were the only losers of Syria’s elections, he reiterated.
President Bashar Al-Assad won a landslide victory in the last week election after gaining 88.7 percent of the votes.

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