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President al-Assad re-election celebrated with unbridled outpourings of joy

20140605-144203-300x197Victory celebrations erupted all over the country as Bashar al-Assad was re-elected for a third seven-year term, with joy welling up in the Syrians who took to the streets and thronged into squares exalting the success of Syria’s first multi-candidate presidential elections.
Students of the Baath University in Homs gathered in their thousands outside the Faculty of Architectural Engineering to voice their support for President al-Assad over his re-election.
“All of the Syrian people are to be congratulated as this is a win for all of us,” said one of the participants.
They hailed the wisdom and strong will of President al-Assad, “who frustrated all plots aimed to tear Syria apart.”
“We vow to work with him hand in hand to draw a better future for Syria,” they added.
A massive celebratory rally also brought together thousands of the residents of al-Mikharem city and the surrounding villages of al-Sankari, Tal’dai, Khalfeh, Um al-Amd, al-Othmaniyeh and Nawa in the countryside of Homs.
The participants, who thronged into the city’s square, stressed relentless determination to “walk the path of Syria’s martyrs until purging the homeland of all terrorists.”
Feelings of joy were expressed by the inhabitants of the villages of Ribleh, Shinshar, al-Dmeineh al-Sharqiyeh and al-Hamra.
“With the President’s win, Syria ushered in a new stage of stability and construction,” said one of the participants, echoing a shared view by many others who have their hopes for restored security pinned on the wise leadership of the President and the unshakable will of the army.
Letting out spontaneous outbursts of ululations and chants saying “With soul, with blood, we sacrifice ourselves for you, Bashar,” the residents of the city and countryside of Tartous streamed streets sowing support to President al-Assad over his win by a massive margin.
“We will remain loyal to our wise leader who confidently and efficaciously steered Syria to victory,” said one of the participants in the rallies.
Aleppo city municipality held an art festival on the occasion of re-electing Dr. Bashar al-Assad as president of Syria.
The participants affirmed that the Syrians chose a leader who is able to get them to safety and defend the country.
In a statement to SANA, chairman of Aleppo city municipality Mohammad Ayman Halaq said that holding presidential elections on time is considered a victory for the Syrians, adding that sacrifices of the martyrs will not go in vain.
Meanwhile, hundreds of citizens gathered in al-Nejmeh Square in Tartous to express joy over re-electing President Bashar al-Assad for another 7-years term in office.
The participants hoped that President al-Assad will get the country out of its crisis by his wisdom.
They stressed that the Syrian citizens had chosen their legitimate president without any pressure.
People of Lattakia gathered in the Municipality square in the city rejoicing over the re-election of President al-Assad who they view as “the most able to lead the next stage towards a better future.”
The participants told SANA that their gathering seeks to get a strident message across that the Syrians will never bow to pressure no matter what, nor will acts of terrorism strike fear in their hearts.
A festival was held in Hama province during which the participants waved the national flags and posters of President al-Assad.
“Dr. Bashar al-Assad’s win is a victory over terrorism and a message to all Syria’s enemies that the Syrians alone decide their country’s future through democratic means,” said member of the National Leadership of al-Baath Arab Socialist Party.
The participants hailed the high voter turnout in the elections, viewing it as a proof of the Syrian people’s loyalty to their homeland and leadership and their adherence to the national principles.
The contagion of celebration also hit Sweida province, with the citizens there organizing a massive rally at a makeshift residential center in the province on the occasion.
“President al-Assad’s win is one for the will of the Syrian people,” citizens who took part in the rally told SANA.
“It is victory over terrorism and an expression of the Syrians’ will to expel takfiri terrorists from every single inch of land on Syria’s soil,” said Ahmad Abdul-Wahed al-Zaim, who was displaced from his home in Damascus countryside by terrorist groups, commenting on President al-Assad’s re-election.
Meanwhile, re-electing Dr. Bashar al-Assad for another 7-year term in office has uncorked rapturous celebrations in Hasaka province.
The celebratory crowds affirmed, in interviews with SANA, that the Syrian people, by dint of their unity, support to leadership and invincible army, have managed to notch up successive victories over terrorism.
The celebratory mood that has took the country by storm did not differ much in Daraa, with thousands of citizens gathering in big numbers outside the Workers’ Union branch in the province to demonstrate their joy over president al-Assad’s re-election and commitment to national firm principles.
Quneitra branch of al-Baath Party also organized a festival in which a number of MPs, popular and vocational organizations and a crowd of citizens.
The participants stressed that President al-Assad is “our choice” of as he has stood his ground hand in hand with the Syrian people over the three years of the terrorist war raging in the country.
“The Syrians’ win in the elections parallels the army’s successive victories against the terrorists,” said al-Baath Party’s secretary in Quneitra Walid Abaza.





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