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The women of Daash


More reports coming from Iraq have confirmed that Daash has resorted to enrolling women into its terror machine to extend its brutal hands over civilian populations in the region.
The women of Daash
As Iraq Security Forces have pushed hard against terror hideouts and positions it has become more clear that more often than not now Daash leaders are actually women.

In Ramadi four women militants have assumed leadership of the group, looking for more girls to join their sick dark army. In a rather troubling turn of event, Daash is actually using women to exploit and enslave other women.

It is believe so far that over 100 women in Iraq are working for the terror organization.

Islam Times obtain information from security officials in Iraq confirming that Daash has been actively recruiting women Jihadists.

The Iraqi armed forces have managed to advance against Daash in Kirkuk where a main terror headquarter was destroyed. The US has been pounding the area, directing its fire at Daash positions to enable ground troops to move faster against militants.


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