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50 KG Highly Explosive Material Smuggleed from Turkey to Syria

Ayhan Orli, one member of militant group Ahrar ash-Sham is accused of using his contacts in Hatay of turkey to procure 50 kg of aluminium powder, which can be used to make explosives.
According to the charge, a local police officer then cooperated with Orli to smuggle the powder over the border into Syria, where it was handed over to members of the militant group Ahrar ash-Sham, a Turkish daily Reports.
Ayhan Orli, is suspect in the 17-folder case including people trafficking and … currently have the position on the board of an association called the Syria Turkmen Community.
The case originally had three foreign ISIL militants as suspects, who were directly involved in the killing of a Turkish gendarmerie soldier and a police officer in Niğde last year, according to the prosecutor.
The main perpetrator was identified as Chendrim Ramadani, a Swiss national who was first reported as being from Kosovo.
Benjamin Xu, a German citizen, and Mohammad Zakiri, a Macedonian, have also been caught alongside Ramadani.
The next session of the trial is set to be held in Niğde on March 5.
NATO member state Turkey has long been accused of not doing enough to stem the flow of Western would-be terrorists arriving in the south of the country.
Currently the majority travel to the Turkish border town of Akcakale, where people smugglers help them make the short journey into Syria, where they are met by militants in ISIS-held Tell Abiad.
From Tell Abiad the terror group’s de facto capital Raqqa is just a 60 mile journey along Highway 6.
Last month three schoolgirls from Bethnal Green are believed to make that exact journey, having first arrived in Turkey on a direct flight from London to Istanbul.
Scotland Yard was facing questions over how the girls – Kadiza Sultana, 16, Shamima Begum, 15, centre, and a 15-year-old German girl – were able to board a flight to Turkey unchallenged, despite having no parent or guardian with them.

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