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The Cabinet: October Liberation War showed the courage and heroism of the Syrian Arab People and their heroic Army to the world

Damascus, SANA – The Council of Ministers said that “the October Liberation War showed and proved to the whole world the courage and heroism of the Syrian Arab People and their heroic Army, through the sacrifices that were made in order to defend the land and honor and restore the usurped lands and rights.

“This war, which Syria fought in defense of the right in the face of the brutal aggression, drew the features of a new phase of adhering to and defending rights, confrontation with the enemy, restoring the looted rights” stressing that “the occupation is to come to an end, no matter how long it takes”, the Presidency of the Council of Ministers indicated in a statement on the occasion of the 49th anniversary of the October Liberation War.

“At a time when we are facing aggression, terrorism and a siege that humanity has never seen before, we are determined to move forward behind the wise and courageous leadership of President Bashar al-Assad on the path of final victory over terrorism, and the liberation of every inch of the land, in parallel with doubling efforts and providing all capabilities to launch the wheel of production and increase it with the efforts of all loyal and honorable people” the Presidency of the Council of Ministers added.

The council saluted the organizer and leader of Tishreen victory, the founding leader, Hafez Al-Assad, and the souls of the righteous martyrs who offered their blood as ink for the victory of Tishreen and victory over terrorism and its supporters.

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