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Terrorists Hand over Heavy Weapons, US-Made Arms to Syrian Army in Dara’a


Tens of armored vehicles and a large number of American arms and ammunition were handed over to the Syrian Army by the terrorist groups in Dara’a province, the Russian Reconciliation Center for Syria reported on Tuesday.

The Russian center said that the terrorist groups handed over at least 16 tanks and military vehicles to the army in the last 24 hours.

It went on to say that five cannons, fifty five heavy machineguns, three anti-aircraft cannons, fourteen US-made anti-tank guided missiles and a large volume of light weapons were also handed over to the army by the militant groups.

Also, field sources said that a large number of American anti-tank TOW missiles of Shabab al-Sunah and Jeish al-Mohajereen Val Ansar terrorist groups, Cobra missiles, B10 cannons and a large number of tanks and personnel carrier vehicles have been delivered to the army men within the framework of the peace plan in Southern Syria.

On Monday, the army units imposed control over 27 bordering checkpoints (No 36 to 62) in military operations West of Nasib passageway

They also continued military operations West of Dara’a city after taking control of the town of Kharab al-Shaham, imposing control over the air defense hill area.

The army troops also cleansed al-Tabariat region, the village of Zeizoun and the town of Tal Shahab in Northwestern Dara’a from the terrorist groups.

Meantime, field sources referred to the imminent evacuation of those terrorists who oppose the peace plan from Dara’a, and said that the Syrian army has provided the ground to transfer hundreds of militants and their family members from the region.

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