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Terrorist ISIL Faces more Defeats Near Sha’er Oilfield

The ISIL terrorists came under the surprise attacks of the Syrian Army troops in two key regions near al-Sha’er oilfield and pulled forces back from the battlefields under the heavy fire of the government forces.

The Syrian soldiers and their popular allies, who had tactically retreated from Zamlat al-Maher and Aqayrabat crossroad a few hours ago, launched a fresh round of joint offensives and pushed them back from the region after inflicting major casualties on the terrorists.

Reports said earlier today that the Syrian government forces scored another a decisive victory against the ISIL in the oil-rich al-Sha’er region in Eastern Homs and took full control over one more strategic mountain after hours of battle.

The Syrian army and National Defense Force continued to drive the ISIL back from their positions and captured al-Swan mountain.

The ISIL failed to resist against the army soldiers’ offensive and fled the battlefield after leaving behind scores of the dead and wounded members.

In the meantime, the Syrian fighter jets targeted the ISIL strongholds in al-Sha’er oilfield and near the ancient city of Palmyra (Tadmur) and the ancient Assyrian town of Quaryatayn, which claimed the lives of several militants.

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