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Syrian Ambassador in Tehran: Zionist entity’s aggression on Qunaitera asserts coordination between Israel and terrorists

Syria’s Ambassador in Tehran Adnan Mahmoud took part Tuesday in the ceremony of commemorating late general Mohammad Ali al-Allahdadi in the presence of Iranian senior officials and officers.

General Allahdadi martyred during a terrorist aggression, launched by the Zionist entity on al-Amal farms in Qunaitera.

“The Zionist terrorist aggression on al-Amal farms in Qunaitera countryside asserts strong connection and direct coordination between the Zionist entity and the takfiri terrorist organizations,” Ambassador Mahmoud said in a statement on the sidelines of the ceremony.

He added that the Israeli factor has been the reason behind the continued terrorist war against the Syrian people since 4-years.

Ambassador Mahmoud affirmed that convoys of martyrs, whether from the Syrian army or from the resistance, will draw the path of victory and restoration of security and stability to Syria.

He said the strategic relation between Syria, Iran and the resistance gets more powerfulness and consolidation, particularly as regional and international changes confirm the correctness of deep vision in the face of challenges.

Ambassador Mahmoud offered condolences and blesses, on the martyrdom of General Allahdadi, to the Iranian government and people.

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