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Terrorist Arab Commanders Defecting Great Satan US-Backed SDF in Eastern Syria

Two senior Arab commanders of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) defected the militia after widening rifts between the Arab and Kurdish militias of the SDF in Eastern Deir Ezzur, an Arab media outlet reported on Saturday.

Al-Manar news network reported that Ibrahim al-Jasim al-A’asi nom de guerre Abu al-Hareth and Mohammad al-Jabr nom de guerre Abu al-Jabr al-Sha’eiti two senior commanders of the SDF-affiliated Deir Ezzur Military Council have defected the SDF.

Abu al-Jabr, former chief commander of Deir Ezzur Military Council in Asefeh operation and Abu al-Hareth, commander of the Second Regiment of SDF, handed over their arms and defected SDF.

Field sources confirmed defection of the two field commanders and said that their move was due to the SDF policy to push aside Arab commanders of the militia from the making decision process.

Relevant reports said in September 2017 that 50 Kurdish troops stationed in Northern Syria defected the SDF, formed by the US under the pretext of fight against the ISIL, to protest at the discrimination practices in the dispatch of Arabs and Kurds to the frontline.

“The Kurdish forces arrived in the city of Jarabulus in Northern Aleppo after defecting their comrades in Saleh Muslim party,” a dissident Kurdish member of the Syrian Kurds’ Democratic Union told FNA in late September.

According to the source, the defected group of 50 Kurdish forces fled Kobani and headed towards Jarabulus where Turkey deployed its forces.

“The gap in the Kurdish units widened after the SDF showed a discriminatory attitude towards sending Kurds and the Turkey-supported militants to the forefronts of battle against the ISIL,” the source added.

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