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Terrorists’ Attacks in Damascus, Quneitra Repelled by Syrian Army



The Syrian army and National Defense Forces (NDF) repelled the terrorists’ attacks on government positions in Damascus and Quneitra provinces.

Hundreds of armed militants stationed in the Southern parts of Damascus province which are attempting to break the army siege in the Southwestern parts of the province attacked al-Marqousa region and the strategic heights of al-Shaham from al-Marwan heights near the border with Quneitra.

Also, other terrorist groups launched assaults against the Syrian forces’ positions in Harfa town in the Northern parts of Quneitra from the Northern and Eastern parts of the town.

The terrorists could initially occupy some regions in the Southwestern parts of Damascus province, but were faced with the timely reaction of Syrian army, Golan regiment and NDF forces who stopped their advance and changed their situation from offensive to defensive.

In a relevant development on Wednesday, the Syrian soldiers and popular forces continued to hunt the terrorists in the Southern districts of the town of Darayya in Western Ghouta.

“Al-Alaya district in the Southern part of Darayya has been the scene of fierce clashes between the Syrian government forces and the terrorists groups, which have thus far ended in the killing of several militants and their withdrawal from several building blocks,” battlefield sources said, adding, “The army and its allies have been pounding the terrorists of Ajnad al-Sham since the early hours of this morning to drive them back from the town.”

“The government forces also discovered a long tunnel of the militants in al-Alaya,” the sources said.

Reports said yesterday that the Syrian military forces continued to push back the terrorist groups from more positions in the key town of Darayya in Western Ghouta, and took full control over several residential areas in the town.

The Syrian soldiers’ operation in the town of Darayya ended in the killing or wounding of tens of the terrorist and caused them to retreat from a series of building blocks with over 700 meters of length and 400 meters of width.

In the meantime, several tunnels of the militants in Darayya were discovered and destroyed by the Syrian army men.

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