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Terrorism in Syria serves only Zionist Agenda

Syrian Grand Mufti Ahmed Badr-Eddin Hassoun stressed, “what is taking place in Syria in the name of Islam only serves the agenda of the Zionist Israeli entity in terms of coming to realize its goal of establishing a religion-based state to be recognized by the world.”

“The Western states who claim to spread democracy are employing our Arab Muslim youths as a tool to undermine the Arab nation using sectarianism and regime change as pretexts,” Hassoun said in an interview given to the Algerian al-Nasr newspaper on the sidelines of his meeting with the Scholarly Councils in eastern Algeria.

He called for adopting the language of dialogue and not the language of killing and destruction and allowing people to choose for themselves their regimes through politics and dialogue.

Hassoun told the newspaper that he had over the past three years sent many letters to all religious leaderships in the Islamic world and some Arab leaders, demanding a stop to the flow of weapons and arms into Syria and starting reconciliation.

He refuted the media claims at the beginning of the crisis in Syria back in March 2011 which spoke of a sectarian war erupting in the country, stressing that there are currently terrorists of more than 100 different nationalities fighting in Syria, who are used as a foreign tool to “tamper with the entire Arab world.”

He called upon scholars all over the Arab Nation to start dialogue to establish states that are in harmony with the modern age, the right teachings of Islam, renewable thinking and globalization.

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