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Syrian Elite Republican Guard unit deploys to Sukhnah for big battle with ISIL



An elite Syrian Arab Army (SAA) unit has deployed to the outskirts of the Islamic State’s (ISIL) last stronghold in eastern Homs after a brief deployment in the eastern countryside of Al-Sweida.

The 800th Regiment of the Republican Guard was redeployed from east Al-Sweida to the western axis of Al-Sukhnah, Tuesday, the group’s official page reported.

According to a military source in Palmyra, the deployment of the 800th Regiment to the outskirts of Al-Sukhnah indicates that the battle for the city is expected to begin soon.

Despite initial reports that the Tiger Forces were going to push to the Islamic State’s Homs stronghold, it appears that their unit will now move towards Deir Ezzor, which should make the battle for Al-Sukhnah a bit more difficult due to the fact the Syrian Army is no longer attacking from two different axes.

However, the good news for the forces near Al-Sukhnah is that the 800th Regiment is battle tested and incredibly tough, as they have served on several volatile fronts in the past.

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