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Hamas Official: Hezbollah, Gaza Martyrs United in Common Battle

In a series of enlightening statements, Osama Hamdan, a senior representative of Hamas movement in Lebanon, delved into the profound impact of the October 7 Operation AL-Aqsa Flood, shedding light on the intricacies of the resistance movements and their strategic resilience.

Hamdan’s insights, shared in an interview with Al-Manar TV, provide a glimpse into the ongoing dynamics in the region.

The member of the organization’s politburo began by emphasizing the operation’s pivotal role in disrupting the alliance project between certain Arab nations and the Israeli entity. He indicated that this disruption is the underlying cause of the recent surge in American ire, as it challenged their expectations.

Furthermore, Hamdan praised the Arab mass movement in solidarity with Gaza, expressing his belief that it would yield significant results in due course. This sentiment reflects the resilience and determination that continue to define the Palestinian resistance, which Hamdan described as both wise and prudent in its approach, always meticulously planning and executing its actions.

Touching upon the long-standing relationships between various resistance movements, Hamdan pointed out that these bonds extend over the past three decades, emphasizing the unity and common purpose shared among them. He acknowledged the shared struggle of the martyrs of Hezbollah and Gaza, stressing that they all fight the same battle, with unwavering commitment.

Regarding recent developments in the international arena, Hamdan was critical of American propositions, asserting that they are based on an illusion of an “Israeli” victory, which he firmly believes will ultimately be another triumph for the resistance.

Hamdan commended Sayyed Nasrallah’s recent speech, highlighting the competence and freedom of action among the members of the axis. He stressed the significance of the ongoing battle, asserting that it concerns the entire nation, and he extended an open invitation to all who wish to join this common cause.

The Hamas leader reiterated the essence of the Palestinian national project, emphasizing its core as a liberation endeavor and rejecting any notion of compromise with the occupation. He proclaimed that the settlement process has unequivocally ended.

In a call to action, Hamdan urged Arab nations to work together to halt the ongoing aggression against Gaza and to unequivocally support the Palestinian people’s resistance. He called upon Arab nations to seize the opportunity presented by the resistance’s recent victories, emphasizing the need to draw new national maps free from external interests, focusing on the greater good of the region.

Source: Al-Manar English Website

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