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Syrian civilians help army drive out rebels from Damascus suburb



For almost five years, the Al-Hamah suburb of Damascus was a war-zone that left thousands of civilians stranded between the Islamist rebels and Syrian Arab Army (SAA).

Tired of war, the Syrian civilians in Al-Hamah conducted a massive demonstration against the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and their Islamist allies, demanding they make peace with the Syrian Arab Army or else face expulsion from the suburb.

Earlier this week, the Free Syrian Army’s leadership’s accepted a peace treaty with the Syrian Arab Army; however, they had no intention of fulfilling their agreed upon obligations, which included their withdrawal from several points in Al-Hamah.

The Syrian Arab Army was now left with no choice but to attack the Islamist rebels and expel them from Al-Hamah.

In a quick four hour operation, the Syrian Armed Forces managed to expel the Islamist rebels and declare the entire Al-Hamah suburb under their control.

Aiding the Syrian Armed Forces in Al-Hamah were several local civilians, who helped drive out the Islamist rebels in their neighborhoods, while also confiscating the latter’s weapons.

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