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Syrian Army’s attempts to squeeze ISIS out of last pocket in southern Syria

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) continued their field operations in southern Syria, Monday, targeting the Islamic State’s (ISIS) last positions inside the eastern Sweida countryside. 

Led by their 1st, 3rd, and 10th divisions, the Syrian Arab Army began today’s operations by storming the Islamic State’s positions at several axes in the Al-Safa region, including the Khirbat Hawi and Tal Abu Ghannam areas. 

According to a military source in Sweida city, the Syrian Arab Army managed to liberate several points at the Tal Abu Ghannam area after raising a number of trenches around this front. 

The purpose of these new trenches is to prevent Islamic State’s repeated attempts to breakout of the Al-Safa Mountain region. 

ISIS attempts to breakout of the Al-Safa Mountain region on a daily basis; however, they are often forestalled before achieving their main objective. 

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