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Syrian Army Advances in Adra, Jobar, Strikes ISIL Terrorists in Deir Ezour


The Syrian army advanced in Adra al-Bala in Damascus countryside, regaining control over its southern farms and killing large number of terrorists.

The Syrian army also continued its campaign against the terrorist groups in Jobar, eastern Gouta, controlling several blocks and tunnels used by the militants.

The clashes that had erupted between the Kurdish People Protection Units and ISIL terrorists in Hasakah continued on Tuesday as the Syrian army targeted ISIL strongholds in the province.

The Syrian army also targeted ISIL headquarters in Deir Ezour, inflicting heavy losses upon the terrorist group.

Syrian warplanes also targeted Nusra strongholds on Qalamoun’s barrens, killing and injuring a large number of terrorists.

Source: Al-Manar Website

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