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Syrian Army resumes push to capture Jordanian crossing

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has made another push to capture the strategic Nassib Crossing, today, following two failed attempts in the last 24 hours.

Led by their Tiger Forces, the Syrian Arab Army launched a big assault on the northeastern part of Al-Taybah in a bid to reach the Umm Al-Mayadhin axis.

The Syrian Army needs to capture Al-Taybah in order to push further west along the road to the nearby town of Umm Al-Mayadhin.

Once they reach Umm Al-Mayadhin, they will be on the main highway to ‘Amman, which goes through the strategic Nassib Crossing in southern Daraa.

Meanwhile, north of Al-Taybah, the Syrian Arab Army making another push to capture the town of Saida after failed peace talks with the Free Syrian Army (FSA) forces there.

No gains have been reported at this front as of yet.

Saida is another important town that the Syrian Arab Army is targeting in southern Daraa; it is located along the Daraa-Busra Al-Sham Road and just east of the provincial capital.

If they can take control of Saida, the Syrian Arab Army will be one town away from reaching the rebel defenses at the eastern flank of Daraa city.

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