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Syrian Army Purges ISIL from Large Regions in Sweida Deserts


The Syrian Army troops continued operation in Eastern Badiyeh (desert) of Sweida and advanced more against ISIL, capturing several key points, areas and regions on Saturday.

The army men clashed with ISIL in Razimeh al-Shaqiyeh and advanced 8km towards al-Kara’a region in Badiyeh.

Also, other units of the army stormed ISIL’s positions in Rami region and managed to impose control over Araz al-Rasi’ei, Taloul al-Zabaliyat and Arz Rajam al-Dabas 5km to the East of Ba’ar al-Rasi’ei near al-Zalaf region.

Other army soldiers advanced towards Maharat Rashed and Tal Salim al-Lahaf and drove ISIL out of Mahrat Rashed.

Meanwhile, field sources reported that the army managed to advance 2km against ISIL towards North of Beir al-Hasa in al-Asfar region, adding that heavy fighting is underway near Toloul al-Safa.

They added that the army men are now advancing against ISIL along the roads connecting al-Qasr to al-Saqiyeh and al-Janineh to Razimeh al-Sharqiyeh North-East of Sweida, the road connecting al-Ajilat to al-Qizeh in Eastern Sweida, and the road conneting Bousan to al-Sa’ana and Qasima Khirbet al-Dabineh to Tal Qabareh in Southeastern Sweida.

On Thursday, the Syrian army forces continued clashes with the terrorists in Razamiyeh Sharqiyeh and Rami regions in Northeastern Sweida, regaining control of several regions towards Mehrat Rashid and Tal Salim al-Lahouf.

Meantime, the Syrian army’s artillery and missile units pounded ISIL’s positions and moves in the depth of Eastern Badiyeh of Sweida, cutting a number of their supply routes.

Also, field sources said that the army has advanced towards Taloul al-Safa, adding that several military vehicles, weapons and ammunition caches and positions of the terrorists were destroyed during the army attacks.

The Syrian army troops are advancing in five pivots in Northeastern, Eastern and Southeastern parts of Eastern Badiyeh of Sweida.

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