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Syrian Army Preparing to Purge ISIL Terrorists from Sweida’s Badiyeh Region

The Syrian army is dispatching massive military convoys to Northern Sweida in preparation for an operation to purge Badiyeh (desert) region of ISIL terrorists, informed sources said.

The Syrian army has sent a large number of troops and military equipment from Dara’a to Tal (Hill) Asfar region North-East of Sweida province, field sources said.

They noted that hundreds of Syrian army soldiers and heavy military equipment have been dispatched to the hills of Ashhib and Salman West of Tal Asfar in Northeastern Sweida, and said that the Syrian army is intending to cleanse Badiyeh from the ISIL remnants.

Meantime, the Syrian air force also pounded the ISIL’s military positions in Tal Sa’ad and al-Tamsouneh regions in Northeastern Sweida.

The terrorists, meantime, have planted land mines along the roads linking the areas controlled by the Syrian army in Tal Asfar and Eastern Badiyeh in Sweida province.

In a relevant development on Wednesday, the Free Syrian Army was preparing for military operations in Western Sweida as reports said the FSA had failed to receive help from its allies in the region.

The Free Syrian Army militants “who are present in Sama al-Hanidat village in Western Sweida province have asked” other terrorist groups stationed in Dara’a to send military equipment and weapons for them, the Smart News website affiliated to the terrorist groups said.

Commander of 108 Brigade of FSA’s al-Amri brigades Meftah al-Sabreh said that his request for help from other FSA militants in Dara’a has remained unanswered for more than one week.

Al-Sabreh voiced concern that the militants and residents of the regions in Western Sweida, including residents of the village of Sama, might have reached an agreement with the Syrian army to hand over those regions to the Syrian army.

He pointed to the dispatch of troops and military equipment by the Syrian army to the region, and accused other terrorist groups for not supporting him.

Al-Sabreh said that the army’s military operations will not be limited to Sama village, but it will cover the entire Dara’a province.

In a relevant development on Tuesday, the ISIL launched attacks on the positions of the rival terrorist group of Free Syrian Army (FSA) in Southwestern Dara’a.

ISIL-affiliated Jeish Khalid bin Walid began the assault by storming the FSA positions on the outskirts Heet, which is a town that has been at the front-line of the battle for Western Dara’a for over a year.

According to pro-opposition activists in Dara’a, heavy clashes are ongoing between the two rival groups in Heet, with the ISIL terrorists still on the offensive this morning.

The ISIL claims they seized two points from the Free Syrian Army, while also killing at least five rebel fighters.

ISIL often advances at this axis in West Dara’a, but they later retreat after rebels launch a counter-assault.

Last week, the Syrian army forwarded a large number of fresh forces and a large volume of military hardware to the Southern part of the country to kick off a massive operation against terrorists in Dara’a province.

A large part of the fresh troops have deployed in Quneitra province.

In the meantime, local sources reported that a fresh round of infighting and differences covered Southern Syria, adding that the militants are not capable of controlling the security situation in their region.

The sources further said that six people were killed in infighting among terrorists in the town of Seida.

The source went on to say that a group of the Free Syrian Army stormed al-Basha’er University in the town of Nawa in Northwestern Dara’a, injuring a student.

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