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Syrian army makes more advances in Qalamoun region

353249_QALAMOUN-300x168Once again we head to the mountainous Al-Qalamoun region. The battle has been raging for over 5 months moving from one town to another and from one hill to the other.
We are standing at the crossroad leading to Yabrud the only major city under insurgents’ control. Syrian army says it is the next stop for its units that have been carrying out a very large operation in Al-Qalamoun area. Today the target is a new hill over looking Yabrud city and an adjacent town. The city of Yabrud is believed to be one of the most important strongholds for militants across Syria and it has been under their control for the past 24 month. But the taking of the small town of Al-Sahel wasn’t easy. The intensity of battles is evident on the buildings of the town. As we head back to Damascus, the sun sets on another day and another battle who knows how long it will be before we come for the last leg of the military operation here, where the important city of Yabrud would be retaken by the Syrian army.

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