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Syrian government, militants reach agreement in north Homs



An agreement has been finally concluded between the Syrian government and rebel factions in north Homs countryside after a short military action by the Army troops.

According to the deal, the Syrian Army shall take over the entire rebel-held area in north Homs and south Hama countryside with all state institutions fully re-activated.

Militants shall have their status legally settled. However, those unwilling to reconcile will be evacuated – along with their families – to the jihadi-controlled areas in the country’s north within three days.

In all cases, rebel fighters shall hand over all their heavy and medium weapons, as well as maps of tunnels, landmines and exact locations of armories to the Syrian government within two days.

As per the agreement, the Syrian Army will be responsible for re-opening the Homs-Hama highway within three days.

Rebel factions accepted the terms of deal stipulated by the Syrian government after a deadly attack launched by the Syrian Army’s elite Tiger Forces to reclaim the insurgent enclave.

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