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Syrian Army continues advance near Douma



Units from the Syrian Army’s elite Republican Guard continued their advance on the eastern front of Douma on Saturday.

Supported by the National Defense Force (NDF), the Syrian Army seized control of the Ishara 553 Storage Cells and Rahbet Al-Ishara that are located inside Al-Rayhan town that lies no more than a few hundred meters away from Douma’s eastern flanks.

In addition to this advance, the SAA took control of the Tal Rayhan placing the strategic Tal Kurdi under full fire control.

Should the Syrian Armed Forces capture Tal Kurdi and Al-Rayhan, they would not only be in position to strike Douma, the insurgency’s capital in Damascus, but they would also be in position to advance southwards onto Muhammadiyah and Autaya splitting Eastern Ghouta in two amidst the massive collapse in the jihadists’ defenses.

The war scene has been consistent in the Damascene arena this past year as government troops continue closing in on militants in both Eastern and Western Ghouta. With Daraya under the firm grip of the Syrian forces, similar developments are expected in Muaddamiyah and Douma.

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