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Iraqi Islamic Resistance targets Haifa with drones

The attack on Friday came after other attacks that the Iraqi Resistance group on Eilat in the south of the Palestinian occupied territories with two drones. At the same time, Israeli sources also reported that an explosion was heard in Eilat.

Earlier, the Iraqi group had released footage of the launching of two kamikaze drones toward Umm al-Rashrash.

The group released its drone launch on Friday towards Haifa:

The Islamic Resistance had before that announced that its fighters targeted a vital site in Eilat in southern Isralei-occupied Palestinian territories early on Thursday morning.

Islamic Resistance fighters launched a number of suicide drones toward the site located in the usurped Palestinian port town of Umm al-Rashrash. The statement reaffirmed the Iraqi Resistance’s support for the Palestinian people and their Resistance, promising further operations against enemy sites.

Earlier on Wednesday night, the Resistance’s Military Media Unit had released footage that detailed the launching of two suicide drones toward Umm al-Rashrash [Eilat] on May 20, 2024.

According to Lebanese Al Mayadeen TV English webiste, the drones resemble the Iranian Shahed-131 drone, which could be easily distinguished from the more popular Shahed-136 drone by observing the vertical stabilizers at the ends of the wings. On the Shahed-131 drone, the stabilizers only extend upwards, while those on the Shahed-136 extend upwards and downwards.

The 131 version is also smaller in size, however, it maintains similar qualities to the larger 136 version, such as a low radar cross-section and a lethal warhead.


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