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Syrian Army closing grip on Daesh pocket in East Homs ; liberates two towns



The Syrian Arab Army has continued to tighten its grip on a pocket of Daesh (ISIS) fighters in the east of the Homs Governorate, liberating the towns of Um Tin and Al-Nabatiya from the terrorist group’s control along with strategic hillsides surrounding both places.

Daesh rule over the East Homs pocket, the only area in central Syria still under their control, has been rapidly collapsing since a government offensive started last week specifically targeting the area. While the territory has been less on the radar of the Syrian army during the Deir Ezzor offensive, it seems that this has changed.

Control over the central Syrian countryside is of vital importance for the Syrian government, as the area is home to significant oil and natural gas reserves, as well as the industrial infrastructure to extract and refine it.

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