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Iranian General Warns against US Plot to Transfer Chemical Agents to Region

A spokesman for the General Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces cautioned against “dangerous” moves by Washington to justify its presence in the region and said a ship loaded with chemicals has arrived in the Persian Gulf waters under the escort of a US warship.


In comments released on Sunday, Brigadier General Abolfazl Shekarchi said the American ship “MV Cape Ray” carrying chemical materials has recently docked at a port of a Persian Gulf littoral state under the escort of a US Navy destroyer.

The past records of the American ship show that it has been present in some coasts of Iraq and Syria, where the Americans have taken military action under the pretext of responding to alleged chemical attacks, he noted.

The American vessel loaded with chemicals has entered the region with the aim of transferring these materials to parts of Iraq and Syria, the senior spokesman added.

He further warned against the possible consequences of American action, saying that after suffering consecutive defeats in the face of the Resistance Front, the Americans have now resorted to a dangerous way to justify their “illegitimate” military presence in the region.

Brigadier General Shekarchi went on to say that by offering unproven allegations, the US and its regional allies have already blamed Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s government for chemical attacks in the Arab country.

“We have accurate information about the American ship, including the number of crew and the loaded chemicals, which will be disclosed to the public in the future…,” said the spokesman.

In recent years, the Middle East has been plagued with Takfiri terrorist groups like Daesh (ISIL or ISIS), which are believed to have been created and supported by the West and some regional Arab countries.

The terrorist groups, which claim to be Islamic but whose actions are anything but, have been committing heinous crimes not only against non-Muslims but mostly against Muslims in the region.

Iraq and Syria have been among the countries gripped by terrorism.

Iran, a close ally of the two countries, has supported their legitimate governments in their campaign against foreign-backed militancy and terrorism.

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