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Syrian Army at Gates of Last ISIL Stronghold in Aleppo Province



The Syrian Army troops continued their advances against ISIL terrorists in Eastern Aleppo, and deployed at the gates of the strategic militant-held town of Maskana, military sources said.

The army soldiers engaged in fierce clashes with ISIL and managed to pushed them back from the villages of al-Maknanah al-Zera’iyeh, al-Karama, Jubb al-Nineh, Abu Souseh, Ta’aous, Tal al-Abd, Al-Eis Sharqi, al-Eish qarbi and Um Thowrah, deploying forces in positions only 3km away from the town of Maskana.

Reports said ISIL has lost tens of fighters in the army advances near Maskana.

Reports said on Saturday that the army forces’ heavy attacks on ISIL’s defense lines in Eastern Aleppo forced the terrorists to retreat from 10 villages after leaving behind a large number of fighters dead.

The army soldiers launched a massive attack on ISIL’s positions and drove them out of the villages and hills of Mawaleh Saqir, Mawaleh Kabir, Mastriheh, Batoushiyeh, Ramazaniyeh, Ta’aousat, Khirbet al-Zib, Kirbet Hasoun, Shiheh, al-Abas and Wadi al-Mawaleh.

Early battlefield reports said the ISIL has lost tens of fighters in the attack.

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