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Hezbollah unveils new anti-armor precision missile system

Lebanon’s al-Manar television network reported the inauguration of the “Tharollah (AS)” weapon system on Friday.

The report incorporated a video displaying the missile system in action against armor-plated targets and within limited-visibility circumstances.

The footage showed the dual-platform equipment firing two missiles in succession. The projectiles were seen hitting and smashing several targets.

The report cataloged some of the features of the new equipment as its enjoying “the precision to simultaneously hit and destroy targets,” it’s being suitable for both daytime and nighttime application, and its ease of “mobility and maneuverability.”

The system is fitted with Kornet anti-tank guided missiles (ATGM), which makes it suitable for deployment against main battle tanks.

The movement wheeled out the weapon system to mark the anniversary of its victory against an Israeli war that was imposed on the country in July 2006.

Hezbollah has, on many occasions, warned the Zionist regime against testing the movement’s firepower and combat readiness, saying its weapons stockpiles are stacked with tens of thousands of missiles that can be aimed at whatever target wherever it may be located within the occupied territories.

Reporting last month, Zionist Hebrew-language Maariv daily newspaper cited the regime’s military as expressing concerns about Hezbollah’s growing air defense capabilities in countering the regime’s aerial aggression on Lebanese soil.

The Zionist regime’s military was following with concern “a major change in the concept of air defense by Hezbollah in Lebanon,” the report said.

The paper said what worried the regime was Hezbollah’s move to double the amount of the air defense systems in its possession over the previous five years “in an attempt to restrict the freedom of action of the Zionist regime’s air force in Lebanon.”


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