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Syrian Army aking control of Golan Heights border: map



Terrorist forces surrendered three villages in the western countryside of Damascus on Tuesday, leaving the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in position to have full control over the Damascus-Golan Heights border for the first time in four years.

According to a military source in Damascus, the villages of Beit Sabr, Kafr Hawr, and Beit Timah were surrendered by the rebel forces on Tuesday after lengthy negotiations with the Syrian Arab Army’s High Command.

With these aforementioned villages under the Syrian Arab Army’s control, all that remains is the Beit Jinn pocket and the towns of Kanakir and Zakiyah, which are currently undergoing negotiations with the High Command of the Syrian Armed Forces.

However, unlike Kanakir and Zakiyah, the rebels in Beit Jinn are not interested in reconciliation with the government, meaning that this will likely result in a battle between the militants and Syrian Arab Army.


Source: AMN

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