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Syrian Analyst: israel Seeks to Destroy Palestinian Cause by Dragging ISIL into Gaza

A prominent Syrian analyst warned that Israel intends to ruin the Palestinian cause by paving the ground for the Takfiri terrorists’ infiltration into Gaza.
“Israel seeks to bring the Palestinian resistance groups into the battle against the ISIL to decrease the resistance’s power and strength in a away from the occupied territories,” Nae’im Aqbiq told FNA on Tuesday.

“The international spy agencies are seeking to legalize the Zionist regime’s intervention in Gaza under the pretext of fighting against the ISIL,” he added.

Aqbiq underlined that the recent events proved that the ISIL is the US and Israel’s arm in their dirty missions.

The Interior Ministry in the Gaza Strip – which is governed by Hamas – arrested the members of several pro-ISIL armed groups based in Gaza, a security source said in April.

The Gaza authorities arrested several members of local pro-ISIL groups, a Palestinian security source, requesting anonymity.

The arrests, the source noted, came in response to these groups’ public endorsement of ISIL’s attack on the predominantly-Palestinian Yarmouk refugee camp, located on the southern outskirts of Damascus.

“The arrests included several gunmen who had issued statements in support of ISIL and the massacres of Palestinians taking place in the Yarmouk camp,” the source added.

The source noted that some of those who had been arrested had delivered recent mosque sermons hailing ISIL and its activities, going on to assert that Gaza’s Interior Ministry “won’t tolerate any form of chaos in Gaza”.

In a video statement, issued from an ISIL stronghold in Syria, a few days ago, the terrorist group threatened to turn the Gaza Strip into another of their Middle East fiefdoms, alleging that Hamas is insufficiently stringent about religious enforcement.

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