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Iran to launch biological capsule with higher capacity

The head of the Iranian Space Agency Hassan Salarieh announced plans to launch a biological capsule with a higher weight and capacity in the new year.

Regarding Iran’s government’s plan to launch bio-capsules in the new year, Salarieh said the first sub-orbital launch of a bio-capsule carried out last year was a completely different experience.

He added that Iran signed a new contract to upgrade this capsule with a higher weight and capacity.

We are looking to technologically test the ability to live in space with the initial launches in sub-orbital launches to achieve high reliability,  he said.

Regarding the launch of the biological capsule in the current Iranian year and the coming years, he said that testing of many factors is necessary technologically before launching the astronaut into space, so it has been planned to launch a biological capsule with more weight and capacity for the upcoming years.

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