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Syria Urges International Condemnation of Zionist ‘Israeli’ Regime’s Missile Attack

Syrian Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad called for immediate international condemnation of the Israeli regime's missile attack on Syrian neighborhoods, which resulted in the death and injury of at least 20 people.

During a meeting with ambassadors and heads of diplomatic missions, Mekdad emphasized that such attacks constitute a crime against humanity, particularly in light of recent earthquakes.

Mekdad called on the UN Secretary General and the Security Council to immediately condemn Israel and hold it accountable for its crimes, and to exert pressure to lift the unilateral sanctions against Syria, which have impeded relief efforts for victims of the earthquake by preventing the delivery of equipment, medicine, and other essential medical supplies.

He warned that failure to stop Israeli aggression would only encourage more violence and civilian casualties.

Mekdad also linked the Israeli regime to the terrorist group Daesh (ISIS or ISIL) and called on the United Nations and Security Council to condemn Israel and lift unilateral sanctions on Syria.

Syrian air defense systems reportedly confronted hostile targets in the skies of Damascus, with Israeli media reporting multiple explosions in southern suburbs.

Images of a targeted building in Kafr Sousa emerged shortly after the attack.

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