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Zarif: Trip to West Africa new chapter in ties with region

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Trip to West Africa is expected to introduce a new chapter in relations of the Islamic Republic with this region, Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Wednesday.
Zarif made the remarks in a meeting with Prime Minister of Guinea Conakry Mamady Youla.
Iran and Guinea Conakry enjoy cordial relations and trip to the West Africa is going to be the beginning of a new chapter in Iran’s relations with the countries of this region, he said.

He noted that cooperation with Guinea Conakry is an opportunity for Iran and the two countries have political convergence at the international scene and good economic cooperation as well.

Guinea Conakry premier for his part referred to his country’s potential for cooperation with the Islamic Republic, adding that he supports presence of Iranian companies in Conakry.

“Guinea Conakry mining minister had recently paid a visit to Iran and his report about the trip was surprising to me,” Youla said.

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